Products I like

Here is a list of some of the links to products and random information where I’ve gotten things, goodies, good deals and much more. Seems like the more I look into things the more I find, so here it is:

Team: Of course, our team page:



Hubby and I have tried a few things on nutrition, GU, Powerbar gels, Chomps, and others, these seem to get old after a while and sometimes riding long hours there is so much gel you can put down. We started using Infinit. It has been the best for both nutrition and hydration. Really recommend it. We still use Powerbar gels as we find them to be easy to swallow during the race. Most of them are easy to swallow before the race, but during a race, you want something that is less thick so it goes down easy. We also use the Powerbar gummies as they are really good and easy to eat while on the bike or run.

Boom Nutrition Ambassador

Boom Nutrition Ambassador

As you saw on my post about ambassadorships, I also announced that I’m a brand ambassador for Boom Nutrition. This is a gel to some extend similar to all others in the market. You know, some are thicker than others, flavors overpowering sometimes leaving you wanting to drink a bottle of water after you have it, well not this one. This one is different, it is 100% natural and doesn’t have any sugars added. We’ve did most of our 2014 season with it and loved it. I’m a big fan of the apple flavored one, it just tastes like apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon. If you want a $5 discount on your first order, you can add the coupon YATCNH at checkout.

BASE_AmbassadorLogoWhiteI’m also a Base Performance ambassador, I came across this brand at Ironman Arizona. Matt Lieto and Matt Miller had a pro panel breakfast which we didn’t make it to because we had previous plans but we then kept seeing them. Long and behold, we ran into them on the marathon. They were giving their salt electrolytes samples and my belly wasn’t holding much down. I gave it a try and it helped bring the salt levels back without stressing my belly from pushing solids down. They do have a bunch of other products that not only help during training or racing but also during recovery. We just got a link for you to order from them. I do have a discount code, but due to the rules of the contract I can’t post it, if you want it please contact me on my blog or my facebook page and I’ll be more than happy to send it to you.
Those are just a few, I’ll start adding  more I stumble across them, so maybe check every once in a while maybe you get a new one.

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