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3rd time is a charm… Well maybe

OK, so it’s been a couple of weeks already since we finished our third 70.3 Ironman. In a sense it was a race that we were kind of looking forward to but not really if it makes sense. Yup…. Confusing we know. Maybe you have seen my previous post about motivation or lack thereof and how the winter was keeping us from training. So that’s the “not really” part of it. We felt a bit unprepared, and maybe were underestimating the distance. It kind of happens… But don’t let that fool you it is still a big race and a long day. We went in with our training as much as we got in, one thing for sure we were rested. We did our long workouts and hit them hard but we felt strong on them, long swims were great, long rides didn’t really bothered us so much and the runs…. Well the runs suffered but we had some miles in the running shoes that made us think we were going to be OK.

IMG_5704The week leading to it was of course crazy busy with work. We didn’t do our typical day off before the race. We typically leave Friday as a day off and since the race is on Sunday it leaves us Saturday to “rest” more. Well… If you know what happens at the Expo day then you know you do anything but rest. So our approach this year was leave the house on Saturday, go in to check-in, eat, rack bikes and leave… It actually worked out pretty good in our opinion. It eliminates the amount of walking you do trying to walk to places you don’t really need to be at. Also it helped with the nerves, which were pretty high due to the weablogger-image--201752111ther conditions we were going to have so the less time we spent at the expo and around athletes the better for us… Yes… Antisocial mode helps sometimes.

We were able to see the coach, he gave us some last minute weather related tips and off we went. We went to the hotel with K (our Sherpa of choice for the weekend). She wasn’t doing the race since she got sick but still offered to come down and help us with cheering, and also for the drive back home after the race. Anyways we went to the hotel and stayed there until the next Sunday morning. Did the usual pre race stuff.

blogger-image-21273471Sunday came, we enjoyed the benefits of being in the club village this year. It is pretty nice to have that since we have a place to camp near transition. We just got there while the team people got ready. We chatted a bit but not much, usually we are not too chatty without being rude. There were a lot of nerves because of the bad weather which at that point we had nothing else we could do other than let Mother Nature take her course with our day.

This year our waves were different than last year, I went in maybe 30 min before Felipe. The swim was rough, chop and current took at beat on us and it was not fun to see people taken out as we were getting off the dock. The bike while uneventful we were being very cautious as the roads where wet. A little of a tail wind on the way out and cross wind on the way back made it for a fun bike. Galveston is an out and back bike which it’s cool because you see everyone and we saw pretty much the whole team. Getting off the bike we hit the run. Puli didn’t feel well, he was getting belly cramps after probably taking too much salt water on the swim, Res keep pushing forward with her awesome steady pace.

blogger-image--1918549458blogger-image--39903413It was a great day. Felipe managed to have a PR on this course and a sub 6:00 70.3 with a 5:59. I managed a 6:40 which wasn’t a PR but knowing our load over the next months a number I can work with since we don’t want to get injured nor push too much too early as the year will be long and this is just the beginning. We definitely have learned to read our bodies, our fitness and endurance are there, we need to put longer hours and get some speed but other than that we have a tough couple of months coming up and want to do well without breaking apart.

We were also glad to spend time with almost all our teammates and our cheering crowd who were awesome. One more for our 70.3 distance… Again one of our fave races and we will probably do it again, being so close to home.


Time to get motivated so we can get the peak of our Challenge Atlantic City training in and work on our weak points. Other than that… Let’s continue having some fun. šŸ™‚IMG_0136


The Swim… a date night

This a video hubby put together to show what we’ve been up to… or what our Fridays have turned to…. yay for Date Nights šŸ™‚

A fun little racing weekend and ending our Tri-season

Last weekend we had a fun racing weekend. Note how we call that “fun.” Anyways, we had a short 5K to benefit the DFW Lab Rescue organization which is very close to our hearts because is the organization where we rescued both Anise and JayJay. Also was the 2nd time we were going to do their 5K, first time was our 5K so in a way it was a full circle type of thing. On top of that we did our very first 5K with Anise the year we adopted her so to commemorate us adopting JayJay we wanted to do it with her too. After that 5K stunt, we were heading off to Possum Kingdom Lake to do our Trifecta Olympic Tri, this was again a come back race for us, so it was pretty nice to visit the venue again.

We are ashamed to say that yes for the first time in a long time we did not train all week, our last workout was on Sunday and we did not train. I guess things just got in the way and we didn’t push to train. It happens, also it was too hot, and we just couldn’t get the motivation. It is weird, but definitely Ironman takes a toll on all that stuff. Our weekend workout was good so I guess we didn’t feel like working out during the week was going to make much of a difference on our performance on both races, it is like in college, cramming everything in the day before the test doesn’t do you any good, what you do leading up to it is what counts, in our case, just like in college it wasn’t much so we were going with our reserves and left over endurance.

Our 5K morning started as usual, light breakfast, get the pup ready as we were turning her over to her foster mom L and her kids for the weekend and head out to the park. It was a different park than 4 years ago, and was closer to home. We met M and G there as they were doing it with us as well. Picked up our package and got our selves ready for the race, total about 300 people or so, not a big race. G decided that he wanted to be up front as he didn’t like to pass people. M, Res and I stayed in the back and did our usual “was fun and giggles until the gun went off” joke. I took off, my pace was nice, it was pretty flat and maybe a slight tail wind. I got to see G maybe a bit after mile 1 so kept him in my sights. Close to mile 1.2 was the water station and got some water and saw L and her kids and said hello and gave them a hug, then got on my way. At the turn I had G within a good distance so I caught up to him, talked to him for a bit, he seemed to be pushing hard, we had maybe 0.5 miles to go so I told him “let’s take it home” which we did, a bit of a sprint to the end. It was good, had a great run, PRed, and got 2nd place of the AG and 13th overall. Res got 5th place on her AG running with JayJay which was pretty awesome considering that she claimed not to be pushing but still did it in 30 minutes :), note how that is not pushing it. G came in 3rd in his AG and M came also with a PR. We were all happy.

Then heading home to pack for the tri, get 4 bikes and 5 athletes with gear and bags in the truck was a bit of a challenge but we managed leave it to the engineer to figure that one out. Headed to PK and got to the team’s cabins. It was cool to get with 30+ teammates for a little camping fun, s’mores and all were in order.

Race day came quick. We were ready by 6:30 however alarms went off by 5:15 and snores a lot earlier than that. Oh well…. it happens, glad I had my headphones so I could sleep a bit more. Swim was ok, nothing too extraordinary, came out of the water with my arms feeling so heavy (granted haven’t swam in a week and no swims during the week only weekends). T1 was a bit uphill run and had to carry the bike out for a while, which felt like forever and the arms could hardly carry the 17lbs bike. My swim was a bit faster than last year, so I guess I was in for a PR there. The bike was fun, I’m loving the bike a lot and feeling so strong on it. Managed to keep a girl in my sights and pushed 22 mph for a good ways to the hill before the turn point. I passed Z (the coaches son up the hill), J (another teammate) and saw I only had BH, F. in front of me from the team. On the turn point I saw the rest of the team and kept going was 3rd of the team couldn’t complain about that and it wasn’t by far, I was pretty darn close to the other 2. On the way back I felt a bit of head wind and pushed a bit not much because I wasn’t sure about the run. It wasn’t the same run as last year so I wanted to have some legs left. Well I still managed about 19 mph  on the way back and ended with an official 19 mph average (19.6 mph from the garmin I take that!). Was again faster than last year so the run was the decisive factor of my overall PR and maybe second podium of the weekend. That ended quickly, the run as expected was a trail run but was more of a hiking trail run and hard trails they were. I give it to the organizers they were covered, but heck!!! they beat the crap out of us there. Total run in the trails about 3.5 miles so had 2.6 left to go. At mile 4 guess what… another hill, legs shut. Mile 5.5 saw the cheering squad from the team and S was making sure to run with us a bit of it, that was such an energy boost, yet legs not feeling it but managed to get to the finish line.

Res on the other hand had a great swim, this year was not a wetsuit legal race, so she was nervous but came out of the water faster than last year, which was proof that she is a lot stronger and getting faster. The bike was pretty much the same as last year, but she felt issues with the bike and I still have to check it, her garmin showed a good pace, cadence and heart rate which she’s been working on for the last few months. The run took such a beat on all of us, she didn’t like the run much, granted she’s never done a trail run in her life so that was a new for her.

Trifecta Tri
Trifecta Tri (album, click to see it)

I guess we learned from this last tri a few lessons. Not all tris are the same, even if you know the course your body reacts different to the environment and tris have a lot of outside factors that affect the whole result. In our case we had heat (didn’t have it last year), had trained a lot more last year, and also the trail run was new. Well, if you look at it, it was a great day and it embraced the true reason why we do triathlons. We do tris to push our bodies, to learn our limits, to see new things and get out of comfort zone and that is exactly what the trail run did. Would we do it again? as usual… heck yes!!! would we prepare for it? of course, now we know what to expect and hopefully the coach makes us train on those trails. It is like everything… the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

Official times:


Bib: 173 Division Place: 10 Total Division: 14
Age: 32 Gender: M Gender Place: 52
Intermediate Distance Place: 61 Chip Time: 3:10:07 Pace:
Swim Rank: 101 Swim Time: 32:28:00 Swim Pace: 2:10/M
T1 Rank: 74 T1 Time: 4:22 T1 Pace:
Bike Rank: 32 Bike Time: 1:18:09 Bike Pace: 19.0mph
T2 Rank: 63 T2 Time: 2:23 T2 Pace:
Run Rank: 77 Run Time: 1:12:43 Run Pace: 11:44/M

Bib: 174 Division Place: 6 Total Division: 8
Age: 36 Gender: F Gender Place: 29
Intermediate Distance Place: 124 Chip Time: 3:48:35 Pace:
Swim Rank: 138 Swim Time: 37:50:00 Swim Pace: 2:31/M
T1 Rank: 64 T1 Time: 4:14 T1 Pace:
Bike Rank: 112 Bike Time: 1:35:11 Bike Pace: 15.6mph
T2 Rank: 100 T2 Time: 3:01 T2 Pace:
Run Rank: 125 Run Time: 1:28:17 Run Pace: 14:14/M

With that we conclude another successful tri season, we are off to close out our year with a half marathon, a relay run, a marathon (Dallas Marathon) and probably a 10K here and there… for sure it has been heck of a season, tons of miles on every sport (we will leave the summary for the end of the year post) but for sure we’ve gotten better at it and making progress on our speeds and paces. Granted our last tri run doesn’t reflect that, but conditions didn’t allow it. We are both feeling stronger than ever and willing to continue with this crazy journey. Stay tuned for our planning of the 2014 season… IMAZ here we come.

Trifecta Tri – Our first Olympic distance

What a great race!! First all around, first olympic distance for us and first inaugural Trifecta Triathlon.

On Saturday we had a 75/30 brick on our schedule, we were debating about doing it because we weren’t sure how it was going to affect our race on Sunday. We decided on Friday we will do it and just do a slow one. We headed out to meet Coach M at the lake since he had the IM guys do their swim. It was a cold morning, in the high 60s a bit chilly for a ride in September, but we went off to do our 21 mile loop. We just strolled, Puli was drafting the whole way from me saying that I help him keep a nice pace, it was more me helping him because he didn’t want to work the legs. We then got back at the 1:20 mark and got our kicks on, and off for a nice 5K run, we just went out 15 and 15 back, weather was still nice and cold so it felt good.

We headed home to finish packing and get our stuff ready for the roadtrip to PK Lake. We were meeting someĀ teammatesĀ along the way so we headed out. Got to PK, did our check-in first thing. This was a bit different for us, as we had to check-in our bikes and our running gear ahead of time. We did all that, and then headed to our team cabin. We also did a quick drive of the bike route with the team to see what we were up against the next day, so glad we did, see why later.. We organized our sleeping arrangements and then headed out to dinner at Puli’s friends lake house, the rest of the team stayed and had the dinner they offered there. We headed back and by 10 pm lights were out and us trying to sleep with 9 more people in the same room, it was quiet an experience but we survived, we were so tired from the early brick that we just crashed.

Alarms started to go off at 4:30, then by 5:30 we were all up and starting to get ready. Everyone did their breakfast rituals, it was funny to see that. We are pretty simple when it comes to that. Quick oatmeal, banana, water/gatorade and we are good to go. Race didn’t start until 7:30 so we kept it simple. By 6.30 we were heading to T1, last check of the bikes, pump air, setup shoes, helmet and glasses and off to body marking. The day looked a bit cold, so I decided to go with wetsuit, as they had announced the day before that it was going to be legal, so I used the advantage, considering that my swim had been struggling for a few weeks and I was off from swimming all last week. Puli decided to not use his.

Puli was the first wave so off he went after the pro’s left. I was the 3 wave. I felt strong on the swim, my sighting definitely improved and the wetsuit gave me more confidence to do the 1500 meter swim. My swim was 36:49, not too bad, considering that I was in the 40’s when doing it at training. I felt good coming out of the water. They had strippers and it was good, got on my bike and the road was a bit bad at theĀ beginningĀ and one of my aerobars became lose. It was moving so much I had to be aero the whole time, it was uncomfortable at theĀ beginningĀ but by the end I was concentrated and it didn’t bother me as much. I was so glad that we had done the drive of the ride the day before because that big hill at mile 14 right before the turn was steeper than we all thought. I was able to do the bike in 1:29 averaging 16.7 mph on the bike, considering my tech difficulties and the hills, I was happy with my time. Got to T2, we new we were going to be in a rough T2, but it was a slow one. Got my newtons on and off to the run, we had driven some of the run we knew we were hitting hills at mile 1, but didn’t count with the hill at mile 2, it was steep, when I finished those two I knew the rest of the way so it wasn’t that bad. Was feeling pretty strong the whole way, I managed to keep a 9:03’/mi pace which to me it was great. Legs were feeling strong. Overall a great race, great volunteers and course support. Will do it again next year.

Here are the maps and profiles of the bike and run according to Puli’s Garmin:

And a nice treat from the organizers… a great production video

Vincentown, New Jersey – Sprint Race Report – July 7/2012

Vincentown DQ Tri Recap – 400m swim, 15m bike, 5k. I was out in Wave 3 w all the females. My nerves tried to get the best of me while waiting in not so clean pond water (the website had advertised the swim in fresh lake water). Not quite! Made me appreciate our Lake Grapevine swims!! Then I was off…tried to stay in the inner left close to the buoys which helped because mostly everyone was out in the front or in the outer right. Some pushing to get away but I kept my cool. My sighting was better than training days, which helped! T1 minor tech difficulties w my new helmet, which I had to replace during the week due to bike crash (story some other time). Bike course was great, felt confident, and averaged 18.9 miles. Well take that back, confident enough until a 75y/o man zoomed right by meĀ on his Tri bike!! Thought of Laura and the pregnant lady story and giggled!! (team inside joke) Pedaled harder, but he was gone!! T2 was smooth and was off in my awesome Newtons! The run started off in the shade which felt good because it was already hot and humid. Got to h2o aid station and one of the residents was standing out in the street w hose which I stood under for 2 sec šŸ™‚ continued to run and got to open corn field which was tough because it seemed forever as the sun was beating down!! Pushed harder and thought, can’t walk this at the end!! Total time: 1:32:56. 2nd in my AG, 17sec away from 1st-totally unexpected!! :)