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How come 2016 is almost over

When did this year just fly by us and we didn’t noticed it. I can believe about a year ago today we were volunteeeing for the NYC Marathon and in 5 days we area actually taking on the streets of New York City to run with more than 50,000 of our closest friends. In a way I’m super excited but at the same time nervous. The nervous type that probably won’t let me sleep come race day. It is weird, you might say, you’ve done 4 Ironman distance triathlons and a bunch of other challenging races a marathon is a piece of cake for you. At least that’s what we hear a lot. Believe it or not, it isn’t quite the same. We know how to prepare for a 15 hour race a lot better than a 4-4:30 hour run. A lot less variables but really not a whole lot room for error. I can say I’ve done the work or at least some of it and I will get to it in a bit. Needless to say, it is in fact the first stand alone marathon we’ve ever run if we finish it. 

Earlier in the year when we planned our season it was planned for Cartagena 70.3. That was and still is our A race. Then lucky us got in the marathon via lottery. So we obviously had to make it a B race where we simply wanted to set one goal: TO HAVE FUN. In the process we realized quickly and thanks to our coach that marathon training never goes well with Triathlon training, much less with a 70.3 training. As good shape as we are in, the bodies take too much to recover from long runs and week after week it just gets in the way. So our coach’s approach knowing we had the endurance was to not put too many miles under us, and simply keep our run aerobic and control our paces. We said, well we can do that. So that’s the plan, we have been running together to pace and keep ourselves company and we will execute on Sunday. 

We are ready to have some fun. Ready to pick up our teammate Jenny on Friday and get our NYC marathon party going. Ready to take it all in and enjoy the day. 

Then after that, short recovery and last couple of peak weeks before we leave to Colombia for our annual race-cation. Can’t wait to get to Medellín and then off to the beach to Cartagena for our race. I’m so ready to get that one going, I’ve seen a lot of improvements this year and really excited to put it all together. It pays to control your season and plan it well, you can definitely focus during your workouts and you are less distracted by racing. I’ve gotten to enjoy everything a lot more, added that I feel stronger so it just makes me that much excited every time I nail a workout. It hasn’t come easy by any means. It’s a lot of work, but hoping it pays off 🙂 fingers crossed. 


Giving back… Helping others 

One of the reasons I started this blog was for me to have a way to share my experiences and potentially be able to help others along the way. I know I haven’t had a good track record of keeping up with my experience sharing but definitely know I have been able to help others in many different ways. From getting co-workers to do 5ks to ironman and anything in between. Those have been really great moments when I get “Thank yous” from people I have inspired to get active, I don’t see it as a big deal and do not go out to the world talking about it, I simply take them, and hope they pay it forward the same way. 

One of the many stories that have touched me was the one from last weekend. One of the ladies from a Facebook group we belong to posted something about how frustrated she was with her fear for open water swims. Backing up a little, for those of you who might think it is just as easy as swimming in a pool, it isn’t. There is a lot that goes through your brain when you enter a body of water that isn’t a nice clean pool. It typically is the nemesis of every beginner triathlete, some overcome it and some can’t move on. In our case Felipe had a ton of issues early on with it. From panics and just in general which was strange because he had a swimming background. Me instead with no swimming back grown was totally fine with the lake. After multiple swims at the lake where I literally had to swim next to him reinforcing him that it was ok he finally let go of the fear and managed to leave me in the dust as he always does :). 

Anyways, enough of a rewind, back to last weekend. Once we saw the post on the group we reached out to her, we’ve chatted with her before but hadn’t met her. She lives about 30 minutes away from us and trains a lot by her self which we figured was one of the issues. It is hard to get a good sense of safety in open water when you are alone, and yet you shouldn’t get in alone either. 

Growing up… Getting older… Playing like a kid

IMG_1498.JPGSometimes we get all worked up in grown up (being an adult) type of things. Like work, being responsible, paying bills, you get it… But a lot of times we use the growing up and getting older terms and perhaps they don’t mean the same thing.

IMG_1499.JPGTo me getting older… it is a number… For others might be aches and pains, maybe one of the reasons I try to stay fit so getting older doesn’t hit me that hard however I know my “recovery” takes a bit longer but at least I know why I’m hurting and it’s a good type if hurt.

So while we might disagree with my definition…. Heck I don’t expect you it to get to the Merriam Webster, I think we often use them as an excuse to avoid “playing like kids”. Once again, person has their own interpretation of what that means too. More often than not, it means simply partying like the world is going to end, staying up late, drinking, and indulging in that lifestyle. Of course I’m not judging, if that is what makes you feel happy, more power to you. Probably my type of playing like kids is a simpler connotation of the phrase. For me it means going to bed early so I can get up to do things I guess

IMG_1500.JPGI rarely did as a kid, like going for a swim at the pool or lake, or going for a spin with my hubby on our bikes, granted our spins are not just spins… We go distances that most people wouldn’t even drive, or get up to run around our neighborhood with our puppie. So it means really playing like a kid.

Of course, we see kids (we don’t have our own) go on for hours running, jumping, crawling, doing what kids do best… Have FUN!, so I guess, whatever you do, if you are playing like a kid make sure you are having fun. Naturally you will feel tired and that’s what naps are for. We took naps as kids right? Totally acceptable!. As long as you are having fun, resting as you should you will definitely feel younger, so growing and up/getting older will actually feel a lot better as you continue to be active. Oh and if you really drag having some fun running or being active, trust me… Time flies when you are active :).


Why do I (we) do this…

We question ourselves a lot about why we do this. Sometimes it is not even us the ones questioning, a lot of times we get the question from friends, coworkers, family and others that simply think we are totally insane.

Since we did our first Tri… We were simply hooked. It seems like you either love it or hate it. There are no in betweens with triathlon. With running , for instance, it is a love/hate relationship. You might have a good run one day but an awful one the next day but overall you go back to it. We have been lucky enough that while we’ve had mostly good experiences in tris, they haven’t been so bad that we don’t want to see it again. When it comes to our sanity… I think we lost our mind long time ago… Maybe when we signed up for our first Ironman. Then came the 2nd and then the 3rd. By then the diagnosis was clear and I don’t think I needed a DSM-V to even confirm it…. Just kidding… ALWAYS Consult your Psychologist for diagnosis :).

Again, how about the question… why we do this? In my Trials and Tribulations of becoming a better athlete/person I have thought about it a lot. Clearly I’ve spent enough time in the pool or on the bike or running that I just get to think about those things? you will be amazed what your mind can do. So here are some of my reasons… I’d include Felipe in them because at the end of the day we don’t do it alone… I don’t think I could, here we go:


how-to-become-a-better-person1. Because we want to be better: I know this might sound like the typical vague answer you hear or perhaps you have used, but I think it is bigger than that. We started exercising because we didn’t want to be “that couple” we didn’t want to just live in the corporate world and not doing anything about our health, or simply doing the bare minimum to it. You always want to drive your car and probably want it to be working perfectly and will invest a good chunk of your salary to either make payments or give it the appropriate maintenance right? Why not do the same with your mind and body? Sometimes it is actually cheaper to maintain the mind and body. I mean really cheap don’t even need a gym membership. By being better I mean, maintaining and trying to be  a better wife, daughter, sister and in my case Psychologist… At the end of the day that’s what pays for this and I think my patients definitely benefit from this. They all saw my Dallas Morning News profile and they definitely see me differently.

2. Because we like to push our limits: you might think.., well then just do a marathon, anpush-yourselfd you are right that’s to some pushing enough. Trust me sometimes during our workout schedules we say to each other… Marathon training is so much better, but I guess at this point our mind has gotten so strong that it doesn’t really listens to the body anymore. It is more of how much further we can make our bodies go. 140.6 miles of pain… That’s I think our limit… The new limit is how many of those we can do :).

c61c6af0143e59b33c0588f7c83391ae3. Your body will thank you later: I know I don’t have the best gene pool when it comes to diabetes, cancer and all of those other diseases that we all try to run away from. Felipe is the same way, including heart disease and a few others. We know we are young and one of the things we don’t want to is turn 50 and have to deal with any of these. It is true that sometimes it is hard to fight genetics, but something I’ve learned is that we can change that destiny or at least delay the process… that’s our train of thought :). Our bodies are sore from our workouts, and we are probably more prone to injuries and accidents but at the end of the day we feel better, which at the end of the day is all it matters.

There you have it… these are only a few of the reasons why I (we) do what we do. Stay tuned for more of my trials and tribulations about a healthy lifestyle. In Spanish we have a saying “mente sana en cuerpo sano” with translates to “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. Let’s keep those minds healthy then… only you can make a difference. 🙂