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Time to get going – #Epic2016

I guess #Adventure2015 came to a close, can’t believe we are already at the end of January and time is flying. I haven’t posted much and I still have to post my post Cozumel trip review and race review. Felipe did his and posted it on the other blog, but I still have to do mine, I have a draft, but needs some finishing touches, so stay tuned to that. I’m hopping to get it out over the weekend.

1044524_491295587724910_3002672429938440107_nHow about getting #epic2016 going, I have struggled a little with the usual winter motivation and in a sense the post ironman blues lack of motivation. Then you add the holidays and having family for 2.5 weeks in town and then any workout goes out the window. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t complained about having about 1.5 months off where I had a TrainingPeaks schedule set by Coach Mike but I didn’t really do it. Yeah, I hated seeing the reds, but I was determined to enjoy the family time and not let it ruin the break we had. I managed to get a couple of runs, a swim and the start of a bike ride during that time, so I wasn’t at all the super sedentary person, and was pretty active. Walked a ton with the family either at the outlets, mall, or in New York City. One weekend we did about 17 miles just on one day.


Now that I’ve put that behind me, it’s been a slow start to get back to the routine we worked so hard to get into. It is working, slowly but surely. Sometimes I drag getting on the bike, but come to enjoy it after I’m on it or even getting my self to the pool, but loving it once I get there. I clearly have lost speed but I don’t care, I’m getting it done and I know working hard it will come back.

9464412d-411e-4bb8-8549-4d1f67edfea0My main motivation this year is that I was accepted to be part of Team Betty. Late last year I got word that I was being invited to be part of Team Betty.

Now you are going to ask what is Team Betty? You might have seen me often wearing Betty Designs tri kits. I don’t only wear them because they are super #badass but also because of what Betty Designs stands for.  Their famous hashtag #badassisbeautiful which is their brand motto, means that as badass active, beautiful women, we not only look amazing, but have a strong mind, positive attitude, and work hard for what we want.  As a badass, we aim to get things done and accomplish what we put our my minds to.tumblr_nh0c2q6iZt1rbvyaio1_1280  Every woman should know how bad ass and beautiful she is and despite facing life challenges, a badass keeps her head up and keeps striving to become the most awesome and strongest version of herself.  As a Betty, I enjoy motivating and showing others that they can be powerful and strong, look good in badass Betty colors, and still keep a healthy and active lifestyle… wow.. I think I said #badass enough times there, but you get the idea. You can also check out my YouTube channel for my video app. 

So being part of Team Betty is my main motivation for this year. I have selected a couple of races to do where I will be sporting the kits and you will be able to spot us, because the kits are so rad, skulls, butretumblr_nzvoa05S0H1rbvyaio1_1280rflies and pink… what else can you ask for?

I’ll try to post next week my schedule as it is coming together now. Felipe and I are trying to juggle vacations and schedules to make sure we can get out there and kick some butt.

In the meantime, if you want to get a discount on Betty Designs collections, click on the image below and it will take you to the store and using code bettyspringcleaning




My Ambassador Spotlight for The Mermaid Club

This week I was honored to be the first spotlight of The Mermaid Club ambassadors. I was really excited when I found out I was selected to have a spotlight, I was even more surprised and thrilled when I saw my pic pop-up on my Facebook feed on Tuesday.

Definitely love being part of The Mermaid Club and Living Life Making Waves as I go. #LifeLiveMakeWaves #FinsUp #TheMermaidClub

Here is a link to the spotlight

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.48.43 PM

Running with Jay Jay

swim bike dog mom :)

A couple of weeks ago I was featured in runningwihtollie2Running with Ollie. I’ve followed her blog for a while now, she has really cool posts and lots of tips for us bloggers, which I really love because there is so much to learn. Best of all, she runs with her 4 legged kiddo Ollie. Here is the featured post… enjoy it.