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Another Long Over Due Race Report – Ironman Lake Placid

126_m-100772636-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1779_094848-9422822It’s been about 4 months since finishing a tough and epic course at Ironman Lake Placid and what can I say… it’ been a couple of busy months since then. That’s why I’ve neglected the blog and social media in general a bit. For those who are following me on my Instagram  can see what I’m now up to, which is supporting the disaster relief missions in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Finally today I had a little of down time and was able to gather some of my thoughts and revamp the race report I started 4 months ago.

So let’s get to the race report… I can remember the day we first talked about IM LP after finishing IM Coz in 2015. I thought that was so far off and would have time to embrace my love/hate with hills. Well, I did. After moving to NY with my amazing partner in crime, reality check kicked in when I realized training for Placid would be tough since there really is nothing flat here in NY compared to TX. Having been in LP on couple of occasions for work and vacay, it was nerve wrecking to drive through LP and know that I would need to bike those same hills. I was up for the challenge and to get out of my comfort zone because that’s where “the magic happens.” And Sunday July 24th was a magical day!19

The entire week leading up to race day was wonderful as reuniting with our ITX family and spending time together was like no other. Lake Placid is beautiful and allowed for little to no stress especially as our condo was close enough to the village, but not in the hustle and bustle. Race day came quickly and it was time to put myself to the test. Everything leading up to the swim was smooth and easy going. We all lined up and I placed myself in the 1:30 pack, hoping to stay in that time frame. Calm, cool, and collective rolling start – perfect. I quickly got into a rhythm, found a clear area, remembered half way about the yellow cable, but realized I wasn’t close and seemed crowded near it. Got to the end of the first loop and quickly looked at my time, but it really didn’t register and off I went, this time finding more of the cable, but

102_m-100772636-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1779_006597-9422798having to move away from it due to crowds again. The 9th buoy on the return came fast and finished the swim. I looked down at my watch again and clearly thought something must be wrong with my watch – this can’t be right, but it was right … 1:24 swim … better than I had expected and huge PR from my first IM!! Boom!

Running into T1 was great, being cheered by friends, volunteers, and spectators. Awesome feeling. Quickly put on my bike gear and ran out. One of my goals was to have quicker transitions to save time and this went as planned. Mounted and off I went. Early on into the bike ride, I felt my feet moving everywhere in my bike shoes and felt the shoes loose, but didn’t pay attention to it and stayed focused. Keene descent had always been a concern of mine, but having been able to do it twice during our camp with Sue  I felt confident and ready to tackle the fast 6 mile descent … ✔️. So excited to see Felipe on the back side of Jay and yelled at each other for motivation. 💕 I knew he was killing the bike course and so proud! Saw Da Nang and Sue and their smiles were great to see on the course. I knew the toughest sections of the course were coming up as they were long uphills and needed the energy. My feet were now starting to bother me more and the shoes felt like they were moving much more. Stopped to refill at an aid station and noticed it was extra difficult to unclip, which isn’t normal. I lifted my foot and 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I was wearing Felipe’s bike shoes. We have the same shoes but our cleats are different Ughhhh no wonder they were big and didn’t feel right! After a long sigh and a laugh (maybe couple of other words in between lol) #MatchyMatchy problem became a personal challenge! Second loop became easier to tackle mentally as I soaked in as much of the scenery and kept telling myself this is the last time I see this on my bike today! It worked! Sue rolled up beside me at around mile 105 or so and she was killing it as she soared up hills. Because I had been pushing hard to keep my feet straight in big shoes, it was affecting my IT band which was starting to yell at me with each stroke. I knew the 3 Bears were coming and Sue and I pushed through them to quickly get back to town. I was so relieved and thankful to be able to get off the bike.119_m-100772636-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1779_057197-9422815

Another fast T2 and onto the run. It took me some time to get my legs in control, but my IT pain became worse with the miles. My run became a drag my leg shuffle. Seeing my ITX family not only on run course but also seeing Pam and Michelle  at aid stations while they volunteered gave me energy to keep pushing through the pain and pushing my limits! Hugs from Felipe, Becky, Sue, and Penni were extra special boosts of energy 😀The out and back on the second loop was very mental as it was getting dark and I set myself to run to where there were bright lights and aid stations.

121_m-100772636-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1779_072971-9422817The thought of a bear 🐻 or something else popping out in those dark areas got me worried 🙄 By the time I realized it, I was back in town and heading for the finish. My mind was no longer focused on dragging my leg or the pain, but rather on finishing strong! Told my legs to shut up and just go! The energy of the crowd carried me in and the bright lights at the finish made me feel like I was flying in the chute! Crossed that finish line and felt so accomplished to have conquered a course that I had been worried about since day 1 of signing up! Ironman x 5!!!  The hardest part of moving to NY was having to leave our ITX family, but this race was proof that no matter near or far, family is family and picking up where we left off was epic. So thankful for all of you and ready to create more race memories!! 🙌🏼💕