How come 2016 is almost over

When did this year just fly by us and we didn’t noticed it. I can believe about a year ago today we were volunteeeing for the NYC Marathon and in 5 days we area actually taking on the streets of New York City to run with more than 50,000 of our closest friends. In a way I’m super excited but at the same time nervous. The nervous type that probably won’t let me sleep come race day. It is weird, you might say, you’ve done 4 Ironman distance triathlons and a bunch of other challenging races a marathon is a piece of cake for you. At least that’s what we hear a lot. Believe it or not, it isn’t quite the same. We know how to prepare for a 15 hour race a lot better than a 4-4:30 hour run. A lot less variables but really not a whole lot room for error. I can say I’ve done the work or at least some of it and I will get to it in a bit. Needless to say, it is in fact the first stand alone marathon we’ve ever run if we finish it. 

Earlier in the year when we planned our season it was planned for Cartagena 70.3. That was and still is our A race. Then lucky us got in the marathon via lottery. So we obviously had to make it a B race where we simply wanted to set one goal: TO HAVE FUN. In the process we realized quickly and thanks to our coach that marathon training never goes well with Triathlon training, much less with a 70.3 training. As good shape as we are in, the bodies take too much to recover from long runs and week after week it just gets in the way. So our coach’s approach knowing we had the endurance was to not put too many miles under us, and simply keep our run aerobic and control our paces. We said, well we can do that. So that’s the plan, we have been running together to pace and keep ourselves company and we will execute on Sunday. 

We are ready to have some fun. Ready to pick up our teammate Jenny on Friday and get our NYC marathon party going. Ready to take it all in and enjoy the day. 

Then after that, short recovery and last couple of peak weeks before we leave to Colombia for our annual race-cation. Can’t wait to get to Medellín and then off to the beach to Cartagena for our race. I’m so ready to get that one going, I’ve seen a lot of improvements this year and really excited to put it all together. It pays to control your season and plan it well, you can definitely focus during your workouts and you are less distracted by racing. I’ve gotten to enjoy everything a lot more, added that I feel stronger so it just makes me that much excited every time I nail a workout. It hasn’t come easy by any means. It’s a lot of work, but hoping it pays off 🙂 fingers crossed. 


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