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Being thankful… Family… Friends and Ironman

Meant to post this one yesterday but I guess I got out of the American Airlines wifi signal range before I got to post it…. here it is.

As we sit here at Miami airport waiting to board our flight to Cozumel, my mind is many places. For starters, it is Thanksgiving, so it actually have many things to be thankful for this year. Our move, our jobs, being close to my family, and in general it has been a great year for us. We are healthy and very happy with were we are in our lives.

We celebrated our thanksgiving with my family last weekend since we knew we were going to be flying out today, at least we know we are not the only crazy ones, most of our Texas teammates are also flying today and we can tell this is an Ironman flight.

  The majority of the people you can tell are triathlete or going with a triathlete.

We haven’t spent a thanksgiving with my parents in 2 years, and while it was a week earlier it was nice to know that we could start sharing these moments again.

A little about our trip. We were able to get our trip from Newark through Miami into Cozumel. That meant overnight in Miami. Before we left Newark, we connected with Amy Dixon (Team USA paralympic triathlete) who was going to be signing autographs as part of a gig with United Airlines (thou we flew American). We met her and it was really cool to finally chat with her in person. She is amazing trying to overcome Glaucoma and Uveitis which we have a close connection with through my mother in law. We chatted with her for a bit while she waited for her boyfriend Pierre (Team Canada :)) so in our own little triathlon world it was amazing to meet her and have her send us off.

nonameWe arrived in Miami and we were able to meet a couple of friends, had dinner and it was a pretty uneventful night, as much as Miami night life was starting to go near our hotel, I guess that’s not our thing anymore. Felipe was able to score a pretty good hotel for the night. I guess all those hotel points come in handy on these occasions, even got our room upgraded, too bad we only enjoyed it for one night.

Now I should change how I started… Now we are up it he air, mixed feelings setting in. You know, the usual questions we ask ourselves every time we do one of these. You would think that by the 4th one it gets easier or less nerve wrecking. Err… It isn’t. It feels like the very first one, someone said, if it doesn’t scare you, then the goal isn’t big enough. As much as we know we have put in the training. Or at least most of it, and I think we are in a better place with our minds, bodies and in general. It still gives me those butterflies to know what we are about to do. All I know is I can’t wait to see our IronTex family and share with them one more crazy race.

I’m going to try to post more during the week, and for sure next week from the beach with a well deserved margarita. So until then, just stay tuned to my Facebook and Instagram feeds for quick updates on what we are up to.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you on the other side!