Settling in and getting our lives back

IMG_7919It seems like getting settled took a lot longer than we expected. One thing we learned of this process is that patience pays off at the end.  Last time I wrote was about the entire process and how we were still in the works of getting us in the house. Well, we got news, we are in the house and finally moved in. It took a little long, not only our closing was delayed almost a month from our original plan (3weeks) but our moving truck showed up a week after we had actually taken possession of the house. So there we were in a brand new house, pretty empty since we just had a couple of bags, bins with important stuff, workout clothes and the bikes. Needless to say it looked like we were just camping inside the house.

JayJay enjoying the new living room

JayJay enjoying the new living room

As we moved in our stuff started to trickle in, we got our TVs, refrigerator, new couch, cable, all in that order. Felipe had to go back to TX the week after we “moved in” So it was just me and the pup in the empty house, all we needed was to make s’mores by the fireplace. Instead I rode by the fireplace. While he was in the comfort of a hotel room… He claims he rather be at home on those times, but as funny as it sounds, he pulled the same thing 9 years ago when we moved to Texas… I see a trend here 🙂 but won’t hold it against him. Our real stuff showed up on the following weekend, of course in the middle of a snow storm, but those guys worked hard to get unload that truck and get our stuff. In the meantime the fun had just begun for us, UNPACKING!!! Yay!!! We tackled it full force, that Sunday we worked until almost 2 am unpacking, it seemed like we had hardly touched the boxes and we were running out of space, how come we moved so much junk we asked ourselves. We de cluttered when we started the move, apparently not enough. There have been plenty of trips to the dumpster nearby to get rid of stuff. So we finally got in the groove of unpacking over the week and now our house is finally a home… OUR HOME!

Exploring some routes

Exploring some routes

So while our home is taking shape, we were getting out of it. Yeah, our typical training has been somewhat on hold, kind of doing it as time and life allowed it. Funny thing is that we were totally fine with it. First things first, as much as we were itching to go out and train we couldn’t just do it. Finally we feel like our life is gotten back to normal enough to our TrainingPeaks constantly or at least it has been the last couple of weeks. I think since IMAZ our lives have been so hectic with the move, work, driving half way across the country, traveling with work, that simply you have to put some things in the back burner and go through your priorities. So with a half marathon coming up in less than a month (April 12)  we officially open our season, feels weird to say that, I’m pervious years by now we have already done at least one half marathon and would’ve probably have IM70.3TX (aka Galveston)  on  our sights. This year is a bit different. Our first half marathon will be the Unite Half IMG_8018Marathon (Ruthgers Half).  We had decided to do this one one day a while back, but wi Galveston always around the same time was hard to schedule it, excuses are over now, we only have to drive 2 hours and have free stay at my parents. Also, we convince my sister to do the 8k. We will start all together and she will hopefully wait for us at the finish, but we have been motivating her  and she has been doing the work, I’m super proud of her, and can’t wait to see her run with us, hopefully we will get her hooked and we have many runs together.  Definitely stay tuned for updates on how that goes over the next couple of weeks since it is right around the corner.  For now we are trying to explore our new running grounds, found a pool near by and also excited to get to ride outside soon. This weekend hopefully we get to ride outside… the weather is turning the corner for us.

trainer rides are getting old

trainer rides are getting old

On other news… I’ve gotten a few great news I’ve been meaning to share with all of you, I’m now ambassador for The Mermaid Club, SweatPink and Base Performance. All 3 are different, but with the same purpose, be badass and share your story while doing it… with the exception of Base that simply helps you by giving you that umph you need do be a real badass with your nutrition. I’ll be sharing a little more over the next couple of days, now that life is back to normal, I hope blogging is back to normal.

Until then… #livelifemakewaves and remember… #ItsAllAboutThatBase


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