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Man Plans and God Laughs


Entering Nashville

So a few of you knew that we had gotten an opportunity to move half way across the country to New York State. So we had to leave our beloved Lone Star State for the Empire State. We were sad to be living what we considered our home over the last 8 years of our lives. We had made it our home and we loved every day we lived there. We have some great memories and can’t complain about our stint in Texas. Fortunately,  life takes you to places and God helps you make those decisions for the best. In our case, our opportunity was both professional and personal, so our decision was a bit easier to make and also we couldn’t let it pass. We had put it in our 3-5 year life plan but like a close fiend of ours told us when we gave him the news he said: “Man Plans and God Laughs” which couldn’t be any more true and applicable to us.


Sunset in PA

Sunset in PA

We left Keller on Thursday, our goal was to drive to the TX-AK border to Texarkana, we had planned to drive Friday and Saturday. So we were still on track. We couldn’t have asked for a better drive on all 3 days. Perfect weather, clear skies, got cold when we got to Maryland but nothing too bad. We arrived to NJ to my parents home on Saturday at 7 pm after 1590 miles of driving. We were following each other because we were driving both cars. Well, our move day(s) arrived. Y’all know that the home sale and purchase had gone relatively uneventful, so time was gong quick. Before we knew it the movers had arrived to pack us last Tuesday 1/27 and the truck was loaded and on the way on Wednesday 1/28, we would follow after our closing on the house on 1/29. As much as we were sad leaving our first home, we were excited to start our new lives. 8 years ago we took a leap and went to the unknown, we had never been to Texas, much less knew anything about it, other than everything was bigger there. We went with what we had at the time which wasn’t much…. it all fit in a small U-Haul trailer :).  and built together what we have now. Amazingly enough, according to the movers, it wasn’t a whole lot…. Oh well.. We love everything and it all has a special meaning to us.



Won't let that happen...

Won’t let that happen…

Now, our lives are a bit in limbo as our NY home is not finished yet. So we are in between homes. Our move is on the way probably getting unloaded at a warehouse and we will stay at my parents’ and hotels in the meantime. Oh the joys of moving. While all these can probably drive anyone insane, not knowing when things will happen, and you can get mad, desperate, look for answers, right now we are trying to stay “cool” (quite easy in 25 Deg weather), but also trying to look at it in a positive way. There is no point to get angry or frustrated, that will be wasting energy on things that are out of our control. Our #adventure2015 continues