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Tiux Compression Socks review and giveaway

A couple of weeks ago after I had posted a picture of our feet in some compression socks during a weekend I had a twitter reply from Tiux Compression. They wanted to see if I would be interested to do a review for them. At first I was surprised because I have never been approached by a brand like this, my only other review was when I did the shorts review for TriBloggers and that was a little different. So the first thing I did was go online and try to find information about the brand. It is not a brand that comes to mind too often when talking about compression, typically you hear CEPs, 2XU, 3SLS, SKINS and many others that have flooded the mainstream when it comes to compression. This brand was different. Without going into detail about how the socks feel, which I will in a little bit I wanted to tell you a bit about the brand, or why I was drawn into accepting the offer.

To start, this company unlike others has a different delivery strategy for the products. For us triathletes, runners, cyclists, quality is important, but a lot of times price is as important. We find ourselves buying $50 – $70 pairs of compression socks (depending on the brand and site) that at the end of the day will do the same thing. From Running Competitor and many other sites that you find on-line pretty much tell you that compression works, how?

 “Squeezing blood vessels causes them to open forcefully, which allows more blood and oxygen into the compressed muscle and helps shunt waste. This in-with-the-good-out-with-the-bad increases the working muscles’ capacity to produce energy and allows the wearer to run faster.”

So what do they do different? If you ask me, their main differentiator is the business delivery. They are a small start up company (which I think it will get big) and they are breaking into the no-middle man type of approach. In other words you won’t find these in any store that way it keeps their (and our) costs low. It is very similar to the way Xterra Wetsuits work, by doing it this way and having great customer service, they can definitely take a good chunk of the market. One more thing that makes them different and that really touched me was their 1% give back to a charity. Not only do I think this is amazing for a new company to be willing to give back but also to think about a charity that was until now new to me. Their charity is MAG (Mines Advisory Group)  is a non-governmental organization that has worked in more than 40 countries since 1989, to save lives and build futures by:

  • Reclaiming land contaminated with remnants of conflict, such as landmines, cluster munitions, bombs, shells and mortars.
  • Finding ways to reduce the daily risk of death or injury for civilians.
  • Creating safe and secure conditions for development, free from armed violence.

Being from Colombia (even though they don’t work there yet) I have seen first hand the results of the armed conflict and the effects of landmines in the population. That really touched me personally and made me believe in this brand on top of what their product is about.

From their website here is what they have and how the socks work:

  1. sock-featuresWide top band for comfort.
  2. Calf support and stabilization.
  3. Achilles tendon protection to prevent blistering and irritation.
  4. “Y” heel for contoured perfect fit.
  5. Padded footbed provides cushion and shock absorption.
  6. Seamless toe for maximum comfort.
  7. Breathable mesh instep to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Graduated compression (20-25 mmHg) to increase blood circulation.
  • Constructed with premium technical fabrics for superior moisture management and breathability.
  • 200 thread count for ultimate durability,comfort and fit.
  • Left and right anatomical design.


  • Enhance performance by accelerating blood flow to provide more oxygen to your muscles, while flushing out metabolic wastes.
  • Reduce muscle fatique and damage by minimizing muscle vibration.
  • Recover faster and improve muscle repair with increased blood circulation.
  • Prevent blood pooling in the feet.

So now that we got that out of the way, hope it was helpful. Here is my official review. I got the socks in the mail last week, we were out of town so they were waiting for us. The package was nothing too fancy and the socks were there. I received the black performance (1st on the left) but they have 2 more options.

black-performance-200x300 green-performance-200x300 pink-performance-200x300

At first they looked like any other pair of compression socks. Looking at them closer, I noticed that they have a Left and Right sock. Which I thought was pretty cool. I left them there since we didn’t plan to run until after our trip and our planned run was over the weekend. I tried them on our Sunday run, being a 1 hr run, I thought it would be appropriate considering that I don’t run longer than 30 minutes without compression (got used to it). The socks are really easy to put on, you don’t feel the over compression that other socks give you that make it like a contortionist act to get them on (or off). I had to take them off without even running in them yet, because I had put them backwards… lol. So they came off easily. We went on our run, being cold outside they didn’t bother me, didn’t feel ultra warm (hot) either. The feet fit rather comfortable and with some compression on them. The calf section was a bit different than others I’ve had. I felt the difference in the calf support stabilization, and a graduated support from the bottom to the top. Not ultra tight either, I have a couple that after a run I have to take off because they feel like they are cutting my circulation.

To continue my test, I let Felipe use them as well. Being in our house means that we get to share some of our gear. These seem like a good fit since these are unisex socks and the size seemed to match the same for both of us. His impressions were about the same as mine. He liked that they sit right where they need to sit on the calf. Sometimes he says that compression socks tend to be too long and cover all the way above the knee, so that’s not comfortable. These are at the right height. He also used them to run in them yesterday for our 4 mile run and he loved them, said that he didn’t feel overly compressed but enough to feel comfortable and not jiggly.

My veridict on the socks…. I totally recommend them at $35.00 and free shipping, I think they come in at a great price. I like the feel, the colors, I need to get me some pink ones, and also really like the company idea of both eliminating the middle man and also the giving back. That’s what it is all about, we practice expensive sports that need sometimes a lot of gear, if we can save some money here and there it makes a big difference.

So…. now the fun part, if you are setting up your goals for 2015 and have some New Year’s resolutions or race-olutions, here is a giveaway for you, it will run until January 2nd and the winner will receive a pair of Tiux Compression Socks. Click on the link below and good luck!!!

Tiux Performance Compression Socks Giveaway – Latina and Tri-ing