Time to say thanks!!

Since we are in the holiday spirit and we just went through Thanksgiving it’s only appropriate to go over the appropriate year recap and also give thanks for the year we’ve had.

20140126-225258.jpgI guess the year went as we have planned. I knew it was a crazy year when we signed up for 2 full distance (iron distance) tris. Those were going to be our main events of the year. We had a half marathon and a 70.3 early in the year but those were more build up events rather than racing events. Something that I was always afraid of was burnout. After IMTX last year I was so burned out that I didn’t want to do anything else and took forever to get going again. That’s why our goal was to listen to our bodies, try not to have our lives go around triathlon and only focus on the main goals. That was one of the reasons we didn’t sign up for anything else. Not that we weren’t tempted, there was always that need to race but we listened to our coach and our own instincts and stuck with those races. We were actually proud of ourselves.

SweatPink UndepantsTo our surprise we were able to pull it off. We started and completed all our races. I know I became stronger and while it sounds funny I do feel a better athlete. Who knew I would call myself an athlete… Sounds weird still. So after a very successful season we are now off to the off-season, we had to ask our coach for a good maintenance plan and we are slowly getting back to it while trying to get our life together for our move. Which will be the topic of a future post.



All I can say is THANKS!!! thanks to those who followed me, encouraged me and my hubby and also to the brands that made me their ambassador. Dona Jo, Boom Nutrition… And to the communities that embraced me as their Ambassador SweatPink and GirlsGoneSporty, I hope to continue making the difference in 2015 encouraging women and Latinas to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for more news on what 2015 will bring besides our move, races, giveaways and life in general.

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