Better weather = 1st Giveaway

photo 2Last couple of weeks it has been pretty hard for us. For those of us fortunate to have escaped the snowy winters and cold, cloudy days, we become spoiled by relatively mild winters. That is my case. I remember moving away from New Jersey to Florida and laughing at the “snow birds” when they came down to hibernate during the winter to south Florida. It was a weird transition for me, spending Xmas at the beach just didn’t make sense. When we moved to Texas we were fortunate enough that we would get a taste of winter but nothing like what we’ve gone through this year. It just has been too cold or maybe we are just not used to it anymore.

Last year when were training for Ironman Texas we were actually able to make the workouts happen. This year we’ve just been too cold. A few bike rides and runs cancelled due to frigid temperatures and we are really getting sick of the trainer for the bike. On the running department we tried looking for a treadmill…. Yes a dreadmill. We think that if we have one in the house something might actually happen. We will see if we follow that one through and get one. Still debating to get one or not. If you have any comments on it… Feel free to comment.

photo 1So besides cold weather, trying not to get sick with all the cold/flu stuff going around we are getting back into the swing of things. We have our 2nd Cowtown Half this weekend and we only have a month and a couple of weeks before Galveston 70.3. We’ve been slowly building up for it and we want to do well on it, stay tuned for the next few weeks as training starts picking up. Hopefully as hours go up… Temperatures do as well. :). We need some sun and warmer weather. It looks like we’ll have good weather for it, so we are excited for it.  Since Felipe was team captain this year, we got the perks of getting packages early :). I’m still hitting the expo tomorrow to see if I find anything good. Normally we’ve been able to find 1 or 2 good deals. So we have a date after work to check the expo out.

logoIn the spirit of becoming more motivated and hoping for better weather, I’m also excited to do my first giveway on this post. Swim, Bike, Sell posted the other day on their Facebook that they would give a $25.00 gift card if I did a giveaway… being this one my first one I hope you get some entries and are able to hit the store. Click Here to Enter. Good Luck!!!


4 thoughts on “Better weather = 1st Giveaway

  1. V

    I can’t even imagine what it’s like to train in horrible weather conditions. Living in California the weather always feels right. Sending you lots of warmth and motivation for your training season!

  2. nickesten

    Got a gym quality treadmill and LOVE IT! got it used and worth every penny. not sure i could have spent the original $4000 ticket price though BUT we live in chicago where we still laugh at people from texas complaining about the weather 🙂 — kidding… kind of!

    1. adrirestrepo Post author

      Thanks for the insight and glad to hear you are enjoying your treadmill. Would def invest in one if I lived in Chicago. TX weather has actually been crazy this year. Being from the East coast, I would TX weather any time! Happy running!! 🙂


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