People, fitness and open minds

It is funny sometimes how when you talk about fitness to others, to see how they don’t see fitness as we do and we get a few eye rolls, “you are crazy” statements, and on more than one occasion people stop talking to us…. Yup it’s happened. I guess being fit, or healthy is not as contagious as you might have thought.

When I started my journey with my hubby to become healthier, we started because we wanted to simply try something different. We were completely fine with our 8-5 jobs, going home, having dinner and lounging on the couch to watch tv or continue working. We weren’t unhealthy, we weren’t sick, nor overweight, we thought to our selves we actually feel great, didn’t have any vices, no smoking, social drinking and not a whole lot of it, but figured we were young and could do better.

That’s why we made a choice of getting off the couch and started moving. It wasn’t an overnight process. It took a while and it is taking a while. I wasn’t a runner, nor a swimmer and much less a cyclist. I liked going to the gym to do Zumba classes, and played tennis as a kid but never at the competitive level. Swimming was limited to the do not drown swim, and riding a bicycle was simply knowing how to ride one just in case I needed to one day. Needless to say running was non existent. When I got my job, part of the job was a training camp (similar to boot camp) where you have a physical portion and a classroom portion. I had to carry a 70 lb dummy for 1/4 mile, run a mile, and go up and down 3 flights of stairs with a determined weight. I was petrified of all that. We started with my hubby to “train” for all that… It seemed at the time like I couldn’t do it all. We figured doing hill repeats would represent dragging the dummy so we started doing that twice a week at a hill in our neighborhood. Did a few 2-3 mile runs and started to gain confidence that I could do it and that I wouldn’t embarrass myself, nor have to redo it all due to failure.

slow progress


Why do I tell you all that? I guess if I didn’t have an open mind or didn’t think I was capable of achieving a fitness state that would allow me to do all that 6 years ago, I probably would’ve just quit my dream job or find a bunch of excuses not to do it. But because I found motivation like keeping my dream job, and had my hubby besides me who was also motivating me and helping me figure out how to resemble the conditions that I was going to encounter I was able to succeed that time. It was all in small steps, it’s taken me close to 6 years to get to where I’m at fitness wise, and knowing that I can get better with my slow progress but making progress everyday is what keeps me going.


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