We are off to the races…

You might wonder, what does that all mean. Races??? yes many of them… last year Felipe and I did 13 races, actually signed up for 14 and one got cancelled. It was a bit too much, even though not regretting any of it. I got to learn so much about myself that just that made all the sweat, blood and tears all worth it.

This year has been a bit of a slow start. My in-laws are still here visiting and we feel bad just leaving them in the evenings to go workout, and honestly getting up at 4 am doesn’t sound appealing at all. So while our workouts are still happening, our focus this year has been different. For once, I personally want to make sure I take it easy and not overdue it, avoiding injures and allowing recovery is more important to me. No… I’m not slacking, if anything last year I learned to listen to my body and let me tell you, you better listen to those signals.

Felipe and I have set what we call our 2014 season, look at us trying to be all pros…:) but here is an overview of things we (note I say “we”, I’m not doing this alone) will done to stay on track and our races:

  1. Our training schedule will be focused on our 2 iron distances and longer races. Staying healthy and injury free is key for the success of our races.
  2. not adding short races, we want to keep it simple…and cheap… see No. 3
  3. Financially, limiting our races since we have to travel for all of them. That makes it probably more fun so we can plan mini vacations for them.

Among a few others, those are the 3 main reasons of why we will keep our 2014 simple. In case you wondered, here is our plan for 2014:

  1. 20140126-225258.jpgCowtown Half Marathon in February
  2. Half Ironman Texas, Galveston in April
  3. MS150 Bike Ride from Frisco to Fort Worth (Training ride for Challenge)
  4. Challenge USA – Challenge Atlantic City June 29th (140.6)
  5. Ironman Arizona – Tempe in November (140.6)

We will have a few 5ks probably here and there, but most importantly we will have F-U-N. We are not going to kill ourselves, yes we are going to train because we know better not to underestimate the distances and to respect them.

So there you have it, my (our) 2014 season… hope you enjoy the journey, will try to keep you entertained and looking forward to your support 🙂



2 thoughts on “We are off to the races…

  1. sweatingforit

    I’ve definitely tried to tailor my season this year too, to prioritize important races and not overload myself. I’m interested to hear about HIM in Galveston. I’m in New Orleans and that was a race I’ve considered.

    1. adrirestrepo Post author

      Yes… Burnout is something we are trying to avoid. Galveston is a great place to race, you can check my post from last year on it. Hope this year is a success too.


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