A year-end review…

2013 is coming to an end for all of us and it seems like it went by very quick. You probably have seen my entries which I know some are copied from my joint blog with my hubby as I didn’t want ton start from scratch, but I guess I have a New Years resolution here… Post my own entries and do it often. I started this blog a few months ago as I wanted to split from our “couples” blog and really wanted to focus on Tri things specific to us girls, my Colombian heritage and my psychology passion. I have a good set of ideas for 2014 and definitely will be executing them on at a time.


Post Xmas ride with my sister in law

All I can say is I had a great year with my hubby. Our Tri life tested our limits not only as individuals but as a married couple and it has made us stronger in our relationship. I definitely encourage women out there to try to share this with their hubbies or significant others. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. It might be challenging at times and believe me it gets expensive, but the pros outweighs the cons and you will appreciate your time together. It doesn’t have to be jumping to an ironman together but doing a 5k and moving up from there it’s a start.


We wrote our end year review entry here and I don’t want to repeat all the details but it was incredible to go back and relive our year, summarize our mileage was awakening, and simply looking back at the amazing year we’ve had. We sadly lost our Anise (first dog) in the process but we were blessed by JayJay that came into our lives and couldn’t be happier with any other dog and we are forever thankful to the DFW lab Rescue organization for helping us in the process.

For now, I leave you with my last post of the year, Feliz Año, Happy New Year and hope all your 2014 dreams and wishes come true, remember you might have to work hard and put a lot of miles for them but the result is worth the effort.


Xmas gift from the hubby… new fave wall


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