It’s just a half Mary…. Right!!!

A couple of weeks ago we did a little half marathon around the Texas Motor Speedway, not sure what we were thinking when Felipe decided that it was a good idea to do it after our weekend of chasing bourbon in Kentucky. As you can imagine we were a bit sore on Monday and Tuesday but at least we had scheduled massages for our anniversary on Tuesday. It is our tradition to get couples massage on our anniversary. Just now we see them more like a sports massage than a spa treatment type 🙂 #triathleteproblems I know.

We had a couple of workouts during the week, we did our track workout with the coach on Wednesday and on Thursday we did the Friends of the River 6K run in Fort Worth. We’ve been volunteering for many years and I would walk the 1 mile route with Anise. Last couple of years we’ve done the full run and had a blast so we did it. Felipe had a bunch of coworkers doing it so it was fun. We did our typical start and goodbye “see you at the end” thing and off we went. Felipe took off, he finished in under 30 minutes claiming he was sore still (whatever!) me on the other hand did the whole thing with JayJay, it was a bit hard because I had done it a few times with Anise and she always came to help, so doing it with JayJay was somewhat of a bittersweet experience. Still she had a blast, pulled me the whole way… The puppy energy and we managed to do it in 35 minutes.


Saturday was a different story, we had that crazy half marathon that we had signed up for. We weren’t too concerned with the distance, yet I was more like taking it as another day of running around the speedway. It is actually funny how now running a half marathon is no biggie anymore. We got our stuff ready, had our normal workout day breakfast, nothing too special, oatmeal a banana and that was it. We had planned to have a powerbar gel prior to starting and one more half way through along with our Infinit in our handheld bottles. It was overall a smaller race. We knew the area since we run and ride so much around the speedway so it was fun at the same time. I took off with one of our teammates, but she had a faster pace starting than what I’m used to. I try to pace myself at the start which tends to help me maintain a better average later on. I think I was ok until mile 10 which is when you come back into the actual speedway track. It is fun but also kind of bad because there are some areas of it where the slope of the track makes you run kind of weird, or at least it felt like I was putting more pressure on my left leg which in turn reflected on some ITB pain. I eased up the pace for a little and then saw the finish line, I was far from a PR, my previous half marathon on fresh legs was 2:00 but I didn’t care. I had run over 45 miles in less than 7 days and my legs were letting me know that.


A couple of lessons learned… Not really a lesson… But a reminder that we don’t give up, I could’ve easily stopped and walked some of it but my mind took over my screaming legs and told them #shutuplegs and made them run! a bit slower but still running. I was able to finish strong with a big smile on my face like I always do at the end of each race.


Like always I’m grateful that I am able to run these “races” and that I’ve been able to overcome those limitations I had as a kid, like my hate for running, overweight and simply disliking the sport. Now even though its a love hate relationship I love doing it, enjoy it while I’m doing it and shortly after I’m done, but still love being able to get out there and pound the asphalt mile after mile with the love of my life and hope I get to share these experiences with him for many, many years to come.



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