Is it really the 3rd week of the year????

Well, it’s been a while since we did an entry. After coming back from Colombia, Puli was really sick from a cold he caught there, and of course it was only matter of time before Res got it. So the last 2 weeks have been a mix of getting better, dealing with the weather, work, catching up with other things among others.

We are not sure how we are doing because even though we know we have 4 more months before IMTX we know they will be here before we know it. It has been hard to put in both daily workouts everyday as work, traffic, bad weather normally gets in the way… oh and of course the stupid Colombian Cold as we like to call it. Just trying to get healthy and staying healthy and away from people with the flu, that will be the last thing we need.

When we do get to workout actually doesn’t feel that bad, last week we were able to put about 9 hours out of the 12 scheduled, and this week we are probably going to put 6:30 out of the 12:30, still not horribly bad, and is not like we are just sitting on the couch and not moving from it. It’s just that we know we need to get ready for it. However Puli insists that we need to have a real vacation at a warm place with a beach, ocean view and good weather. Keep telling him the we can have that when we do this.

One other thing that we’ve been trying to do is our race schedule for 2013, we have been talking about runs, tris and rides, so far we know we have these:

  1. Cowtown Half: Registered
  2. St. Patty’s Sprint: Not yet registered, start of tri season
  3. Ironman 70.3 Texas: Thinking hard about doing it
  4. Shiner G.A.S.P 100 that will be the last long ride before IMTX
  5. IMTX: Registered
  6. NEEDED SUMMER VACATION!!!!!! not a race but we will need it
  7. Trifecta Olympic: Will be cool to go back and PR the course šŸ™‚
  8. The Bourbon Chase 200 mile relay: Will be registered with the team, sounds like fun and it is in October, almost for our anniversary… so that will be fun šŸ™‚
Seems like with those we will have a busy Spring and a relaxed summer. 
Anyways, this is kind of a scattered entry, just not much going on, our training is getting there, our schedules are upside down still, we will get it straight (we kind of have to).
Keep at it and be safe!

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