A year to remember and more

A year to remember in medals

So this year we started without any of the typical resolutions that everyone normally starts the years with, we simply said, let’s make it different. So we did, we started looking into this crazy triathlon thing more seriously and before we knew it we were literally hooked into it. We found a great team whom have become friends and family to us. We started without really knowing what to expect. It was more like let’s see where this takes us. My brother had given us some of his experiences but it was different, him being back in Colombia had different training and not really something that we felt connected with.

So in summary, we’ve participated in:
1. cowtown 10K: our first 10K, or actually any distance longer than a 5K.
2. Caveman sprint Tri: first Tri
3. Dash warrior
4. MS150 – Frisco to Fort Worth
5. X50: Relay team, Puli did the 40 mile bike leg
6. Vincentown, NJ sprint Tri: first podium for Res getting 2nd of her age group.
7. River cIties sprint Tri
8. trifecta Olympic Tri
9. Miami Children’s 5K: Res did this one on her own.
10. 70.3 Ironman Austin

In the year we have done:

1550 miles on the bike
430 miles running
162000 yards swimming
160 miles of racing

We have had our ups and downs, Puli got injured at the beginning of the year after doing the 10K, his IT band was really stiff and he could hardly walk. Then we had our bike crash before Austin, read the Mind over Body entry. Definitely we have made this year one to remember. We have learned to love the sport, while sharing pain, laughs, tears with each other and growing as a couple and as a team with our teammates.

We closed our year in Colombia, it was a time to sit back, do a little bit of training, a whole lot of eating and a lot of resting. Puli caught a cold and is trying to kill him, but hopefully he will be better by the time we get back home. Training at 9000 ft above sea level was an experience that Puli had forgotten what was like and Res didn’t really know what it was, it definitely was a good one to test us.

Here are some of our runs and long ride:

We hope next year brings us with many good things. Our work front seems to be linning up with very good things for the two of us and also our training and racing will be filled with many successes, hope to become IronMan/IronWoman and share the rest of our journey with you our reader.

Thanks for reading and stay tunned for more updates and Happy New Year y’all!!! Feliz Año!!!!


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