A little rest… feels good

We’ve been a little off from the blogging world, last 2 weeks have been more of a recovery mode for the two of us than anything. Recovery, catching up with home duties, work, oh yes work, we still have to pay bills and make some money to support our hobby. The first recovery week after Austin was more of a week of lets deal with the pain, soreness and other issues that arise after a long race. Massages came in handy one night and they helped a lot. Highly recommended for those still not believing in massages.

One thing that we weren’t counting with was Res getting “injured”, the soreness was starting to go away but Res’ foot was still sore and what it seemed like swollen at times and in some sort of pain that wasn’t really part of the soreness as she described it. It was more of a “I’m here” type of pain, you guys ask her what she means by that. 
We had decided before Austin that we were going to sign up for the Dallas Marathon but we were going to the half as part of our off-season start and also to stay in some sort of maintenance schedule before our IM Texas schedule started on December 1st.
Anyways, after going to the Dr. and Res not showing great signs of improvement we decided to call off our half, and decided to no-go it. Probably the safest route as the months coming up will be critical for our training for the IM. We rather be all healthy and fully recovered for that than with some sort of injury that will hinder the start of it, I’m sure we will have plenty of time to do these so we are in no rush for it.
I did continue on the schedule Coach M had put me on for the half, ran about 19 miles last week, swam a bit and rode 21 on the bike, Res did the same except the running as the Dr. recommended to stay off of that until the results of the PET Scan cleared her from any stress fracture. Needless to say, running alone was pretty boring, and we were both kind of lost training alone, we use training, especially running as it is the thing that we get to do together as in side by side. The pool we are together but on the lane next to each other and on the bike we are with the same group but normally not together. So yes it was different and not fun.
So after two weeks of rest, entering our 3rd, it is kind of funny but we are looking forward to our next 3 weeks of rest (more like maintenance) before we hit our IM training. There are a few things we need to organize at work, the house, and in general before we enter a schedule where work and training will be filling up the most of it.
For now, let’s get ready for some turkey in a couple of weeks :)))

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