7 days and counting

Today marks our final week countdown before our first 70.3. After our episode from last Sunday has been a slow week recovering, cleaning up wounds, trips to the drug store and short workouts as recommended by Coach M. Yesterday we got on the bikes, we haven’t been on since Sunday, bikes were also being checked and tuned up at the shop. It wasn’t too bad a little stiff and sore in a few places but luckily there was no wind (surprising) at the speedway so it was actually a fun, fast ride, we were supposed to get 1:30 on the bike but since its getting dark so early we only were able to get 1:00 before it got dark. Today we were ready for the speedos (more for the wetsuits) but Coach M recommended us not to hit the water as my wounds were still a little fresh, Res didn’t push the issue and decided not to get her feet week. Considering the 58-deg outside temperature and 77-deg water, I would’ve preferred to be in the water. Instead we decided to get our run in. We had 1:05, we did 1:00 (6.2 miles) and walked the last 5 minutes to the car. Note that we shortened our 10k time by 3 minutes, not too bad.

Now we just reflect on our workouts for the week, seem to be easy workouts nothing too stressful or long, just anxious to get out there and hit the course in Austin. Anxious to know what is waiting for us, have had a few friends give us reports of the bike course and it seems not to be so bad just have to be smart to reserve some legs for the run.

Res and I think we are ready, ready to get our minds over our body and ready to get this accomplishment, we have trained hard over the last 4 months putting a lot of laps in the pool, miles on the wheels and miles on the sneakers, we will leave the totals for a later post when we compile them.

All and all, just bring it on Austin, we are ready.


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