The first Five55 series

So we did our first Five55 series race today.

It is a race in a few cities that consists of a 500m swim at a local lake, a 5k and the other 5 is because it is on the 5th of every month. We have been wanting to do it but our schedules weren’t matching. Finally we got to do it tonight. It is a good race because it is not that crowded. Only a couple dozen people. The temperature today was very hot 100+ at 6 pm. Res and I had registered and got body marked. I was trying to drink some water but our bottles were frozen. Couldn’t get much in. By 6:30 males got in the water. We started shortly after. The water was hot, I was starting to get used to the water getting actually cooler. But not tonight. The water was slow, my arms were feeling heavy. The buoys seemed just far, at the end the swim was bit longer than the promised 500 meters. I started in the back of the pack didn’t get passed as much and passed a few until I got cut and had to stop for a second to let the guy get by. Got out of the water in 14:29 a bit slower than I expected but off to transition and to the run. Put my shoes on, sunglasses, hat and off I went. The run was painful. I guess the water heat was starting to catch on to me and it was still hot by the time we got off the water. I still pushed but before the u-turn I had to walk for about 30 seconds. Got to the return and got some water and gatorade and started going back. I realized that I was not last but wasn’t that far from being the last guy. Saw Res and she was going strong and trying to catch the 3 girls in front of her. I got back my 5K time today 30:11, considering that my time on Sunday’s sprint practice was closer to 26:00 it was not a good day. I sat down and waited for Res. I was really happy to see that she did catch 2 of the girls in front of her and got second place of the women. A good short race, recommended to all interested to get some open water practice out there. Just wished it was a bit cooler out there, results might have been different.


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