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Vincentown, New Jersey – Sprint Race Report – July 7/2012

Vincentown DQ Tri Recap – 400m swim, 15m bike, 5k. I was out in Wave 3 w all the females. My nerves tried to get the best of me while waiting in not so clean pond water (the website had advertised the swim in fresh lake water). Not quite! Made me appreciate our Lake Grapevine swims!! Then I was off…tried to stay in the inner left close to the buoys which helped because mostly everyone was out in the front or in the outer right. Some pushing to get away but I kept my cool. My sighting was better than training days, which helped! T1 minor tech difficulties w my new helmet, which I had to replace during the week due to bike crash (story some other time). Bike course was great, felt confident, and averaged 18.9 miles. Well take that back, confident enough until a 75y/o man zoomed right by me on his Tri bike!! Thought of Laura and the pregnant lady story and giggled!! (team inside joke) Pedaled harder, but he was gone!! T2 was smooth and was off in my awesome Newtons! The run started off in the shade which felt good because it was already hot and humid. Got to h2o aid station and one of the residents was standing out in the street w hose which I stood under for 2 sec 🙂 continued to run and got to open corn field which was tough because it seemed forever as the sun was beating down!! Pushed harder and thought, can’t walk this at the end!! Total time: 1:32:56. 2nd in my AG, 17sec away from 1st-totally unexpected!! :)