Monthly Archives: February 2012

How it all got started

We had been thinking about the idea of getting into triathlons for a while now. It’s been maybe since last summer that we started, but when we started doing some swimming along with our normal bike riding it got extremely hot and we just gave up on it. Not having a set schedule or workplan really didn’t help the cause. 

We started looking for clubs but came to find out that not only were the clubs super expensive, but they seemed a bit more competitive than what we really wanted. We wanted to do this for fun and were not really looking to be pros by any means. We have full-time jobs and lives, and didn’t want to get consumed by the sport(s). We came across IronTex, e-mailed Coach Mike and he e-mailed us back. After a quick phone call, all he said is come out and join us for a run this Saturday. So we did, luckily for us the meet point was near the house, waking up at 6:30am on a Saturday in February was not really our idea of how to spend a cold day, but we wanted to give it a shot. 

So we went to our first group workout, it was an hour run, and then a swim at the pool. Granted we had been running a little but not for an hour, we pushed and tried to keep up with the group. It was funny to see those training for the half IM or the full IM passing us by like we were walking, but we didn’t walk (maybe a little). We put in maybe 4 or 5 miles in that hour, we were feeling good. Then we were off to the pool. Coach simply told us get in and show me what you got. Then he started to correct our styles. An eye opener for the two of us, as we knew we needed help but there was a lot of work. Swam for about 40-60 minutes with the group. 

Everyone was super nice and we felt very comfortable with everyone. Coach said at the end: “see you in the morning, bring your bikes.” Res and I were of course tired and hungry after the workout but we were ready for the next day.